Leaven Community Common House
& Space Use

Leaven Community is disrupting the impact of gentrification and power imbalance in our neighborhood and organization by designating our building as a place for bringing people and organizations together to work on interconnected issues; thereby living into the relational culture and vision of a Leaven Community Common House.


Our Common House Partners

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Sunroom Co-Working Space
Experience the synergy and collaboration that develops when working in the Leaven Community public co-working sunroom overlooking Alberta park.

The sunroom is open Monday - Friday from 9am-5pm.. Tables can be configured for working in groups or individually. A kitchenette with a microwave and sink are in an adjoining room and there is free Wi-Fi.

All are welcomed and donations (financial, tea, coffee) are always appreciated.

Common House Partners
Our Common House Partners have offices in the building or work in the sunroom. They are organizations and individuals committed to working powerfully together on our shared missions; sustainably creating, collaborating, and organizing for more just and equitable communities.

Reserve Space
Rooms can be reserved for meetings and events. Contact Ali Ippolito, our space use coordinator, for availability and rates. Contact: alisfingers@gmail.com