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SWAP Participation

Monthly Gathering (1.5 hours per month)
This required parent meeting serves as a space for both big picture and day-to-day collaborative decision-making. During this time we may discuss our shared agreements, talk through challenges, or just take time to get to know each other while sorting through craft supplies. 

We ask for a voluntary sliding-scale donation to Leaven Community. This helps offset facility and program costs. Inquire at swappdx@gmail.com(link sends e-mail) for current information.

SWAP ‘n’ Work and Play

Tuesday-Thursday, 9am-1pm
leaven Community
5431 Ne 20th avE

For inquiries:
swappdx@gmail.com(link sends e-mail)

If you want to deepen relationships and have access to low cost child care then consider SWAP. We are Leaven Community parents and intergenerational adults who have formed a child care cooperative; guiding small groups of children, ages 18 months to preschool-aged, through daily activities.

Although we do have some in our midst, we are not childcare professionals. We are loving parents who want to embody nurturing practices for raising young children in community. We want our children to develop lasting, intergenerational relationships in their neighborhoods.

SWAP has volunteer opportunities for people who love interacting with children and providing child friendly environments. Volunteers can sign up for caregiving shifts ranging from two to four hours. Other ways of helping are also available.

Co-Working Space
Parents are welcome to use the Leaven Community Co-Working space for work, reading and relaxation.