Leaven Community
Common House Partners

Our Common House Partners have offices in the building or work in the sunroom on their projects. They are organizations and individuals committed to working in a relational culture on our shared missions and visions of sustainably creating, collaborating and organizing for more just and equitable communities.

Common House Creates...

  • Opportunity to deepen and expand the living out of our Leaven Community mission; specifically living more fully into relational power and neighborhood action that honors the mix of generations in a way that will draw displaced residents back to the neighborhood and catalyze similar transformations in other buildings and neighborhoods.

  • Opportunity for synergy, collaboration and empowerment among all the efforts and people working together in the same space.

  • Financial opportunities that could emerge for individuals and groups to generate revenue and improve economic well-being.

  • Opportunities to use resources to build capacity for organizations or projects.

  • Opportunity to move from a transactional system (renters with leases) to relational agreements (LC Common House Partner Agreements).

Cascadia Wild

Cascadia Wild is a Portland-based non-profit dedicated to connecting people with the natural world.

Center for Diversity and the Environment

CDE harnesses the power of racial & ethnic diversity to transform the U.S. environmental movement by developing leaders, catalyzing change within institutions, and building alliances.

create plenty - help

Create Plenty runs the High School Environmental Leadership Project (HELP). Through youth-led initiatives, we prepare high school students to be climate justice activists with the confidence and skills to make a difference in these difficult times.

Freedom to Thrive

Enlace works to create a world where safety means investment in people & planet and to end the punishment-based criminal and immigration systems.


The Interfaith Spiritual Center serves people on a spiritual journey.

Kitchen Commons

Kitchen Commons supports, develops, and promotes the development and use of community kitchens and leaders for bringing people together to share food, resources and relationships.

kitchen share ne

Kitchen Share NE strives to build community through the sharing of tools, traditions, skills and food.


The NEPTL provides Northeast Portland residents of all income levels access to tools, empowering our neighbors to build and maintain a sustainable, thriving community.


PFTP increases access to heathy food and strengthens communities by empowering neighbors to share in the harvest and care of city grown produce.

Race Talks

Race Talks supports interracial and cross-cultural communication and relationships through the development of sensitivity and understanding, and social justice activism.

trash for peace

TFP provides hands-on, creative experiences that encourage resilient communities.

Wild Diversity

Wild Diversity is a project that elevates people of color & the queer community in the outdoors.